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What I didn’t Do Today…

Everyday we face a series of choices and impulses. Here are the highlights of what I didn’t do today

  • I didn’t wake up on time and go to the gym 
  • I didn’t go get ashes for Ash Wednesday 
  • I didn’t  quit my job to open a Fleetwood Mac themed bar in a Central Coast of California 
  • I didn’t buy a puppy after work…but man did I come close…


            Stevie Nicks and a puppy…this could have been my day


Women Who Changed The World: Fifty Inspirational Women Who Shaped History.

Mary Quant -

Mary Quant shaped women fashion when she created mini skirts and hot pants. She showed a generation how to dress to please themselves.  Quant felt passionately that style and design should be available to everyone, not just the select few who could afford to pay high prices for hand-made, customised clothes. 

Quant enjoyed experimenting when it came to fashion. Some of her most popular designers were sweater dresses with plastic collars, balloon-style dresses, and knickerbockers and stretch stockings in all colours and patterns. Other typical designs including knee-length white plastic lace-up boots, tight sweaters in bold striped or check patterns and plastic raincoats. These clothes became part of the ‘London Look’ and Quant became synonymous with trendiness. It is no surprise that Quant’s designs have repeated history and have been seen in today’s fashion trends. 

By 1966, Quant had also brought out a range of affordable cosmetics bearing her trademark daisy logo. She  encouraged users to use make-up brushes for applying eyeliner and blushers to achieve the doe-eyed, hollow cheeked lok of top model Twiggy.

For the first time clothes were being designed to uncover the body rather than dress it. "Fashion, as we know it, is over," she once said. “People wear now exactly what they feel like wearing.”


36/365 — Heathers {8/10}

Didn’t really think I was going to like this - not the biggest Winona Ryder fan - but I really like her in this! Maybe I’ll try to give more of her stuff a shot.

Winona Ryder is actually perfect in every moment of this film. Also remember that time a kid in a movie pulled out a gun and shot two blanks at two students and just got sent home? Basically it was a different Universe. 

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